YOW x Pukas Dark

YOW x Pukas Dark

On November 2019 we presented the ¨Dark 34,5″, our third collaboration with the world-class surfboard brand Pukas Surfboards. This particular board was made and named after their latest surfboard design and runned up at Stab in the Dark’s 2018 surfboard contest, created by Axel Lorentz.

Until this heartbreaking situation started, our young gun Yago Dominguez put both the surfboard and surfskate to test in different surf and skate spots highlighting the versatility and speed of the boards.


Barakaldo has been seen in many skateboarding videos recorded in the Spanish Basque Country, and we saw a potential surfskate spot. La Plaza del Desierto is that out-of-a-dream spot that you just only believe when you finally see it in person. A park in the middle of the city with multiple perfect banks in different sizes and inclines between trees and fountains.

This was our first surfskate spot and Yago had an absolute blast riding the different waves all morning long.

If that wasn’t enough, we found a very rideable kids park with little “bowls” right next to the plaza.


Unfortunately, we couldn´t get any more shooting in before making the video. Hence, there’s no pictures of Yago surfing. Thanks to Aritza Saratxaga, Yago’s former trainer, we got access to a good amount of clips from Yago’s training in a series of different spots in Northern Spain, France and Morocco. Here’s a few screenshots from Yago’s top performance in the water.