It was the midst of Summer, a weird one, and the weight of the previous month’s madness was starting to seriously affect us all. It was time to escape, to leave the office desk and take a breath of fresh air. Calls were made and part of our team, composed by Alex Pons, Marta Davila, Pau Fuentes and Mariona Pujol, were joining us in the blink of an eye. France was our choice, again. Why should we travel far away when our surroundings have so much to offer?

We are not gonna enter in details, you will understand why soon, but let’s say the trip was a complete success: New spots were found, amazing videos were recorded, the team strengthened its ties and the Sun accompanied us during the whole trip. Easy story, right?

yow surfskate on open road with sunlight shining

Yow surfskate team standing against pink wall holding surf skates

Reality would hit us hard in the face few weeks later when our headquarters were looted on a random Sunday night. Our offices were partly destroyed and, whilst the robbers did not take much, they did take our filmer’s computer and the hardrive where the whole year’s footage was storaged. 

Far from desperating, we put our pieces back together and decided to try again. It took us a while, but a couple months later, Alex, Marta, Pau, Mariona and this time Hugo Cardoso too, were back in our headquarters ready to depart to France, once again. We exhaustibly looked for any construction, streets or skateparks we thought could be a potential good “inland wave” and spent hours on the road visiting them all. Google maps became our biggest ally. And yes, we found gold.

The trip ended up as another success and this time, we can show you all.

massive carve on sidewalk rising a surfskate

photographer standing in skate park taking photos of surfskate riders

massive wall ride on a surfskate

two girls holding surfskates flipping off the photographer in australia